On August 18, 2015, paleontologist Jack Tseng had a ‘takeover’ of the American Museum of Natural History’s Instagram account. Seven photographs gave the Museum’s social media followers a visual trip behind the scenes into the renowned fossil dog collections, accompanied by captions from one of world’s leading fossil dog experts.

To celebrate canine companions, we’re going behind the scenes at the American Museum of Natural History into the fossil dog collection—the largest of its kind in the world. Find dire wolves, bear-sized dogs, and much more. These seven images and captions come to us from Jack Tseng, a National Science Foundation postdoctoral researcher in the Division of Paleontology at the American Museum of Natural History. He is a paleontologist interested in predators of all shapes and sizes, specializing in the hunting and feeding specializations of carnivorous mammals. Also, he love dogs.

1) Tseng Takeover Introduction

2) The Spectrum of Fossil Colorization


3) The Smallest and Largest Dogs of All Time

4) Fifteen Forearm Fossils


5) Archaeocyon: One of the Earliest Known Dogs

6) The Importance of Museum Collections


7) The Dire Wolf and its Prey